If a car or truck is in an accident, and the cost of repairing the vehicle is too high compared to the value of the vehicle, a car insurance company may decide to declare it a total loss (often referred to as “salvage”).  Many vehicles, however, are totally repairable, and in most cases, are repaired back to original factory standards (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with an added plus – the parts replaced will usually have a lifetime warranty that wasn’t originally offered with the vehicle.

But Are Salvage Titles Worth It?

In today’s environment, total vehicle losses are not all that infrequent, but they don’t always mean the car has been damaged in a way that makes the car totally worthless.  For example, an accident on a low-value car where the engine or other critical moving part(s) is damaged or destroyed will cost a lot to repair, and will not likely yield a reliable car. Such an example would be a risky purchase of a salvaged car.  But damage to a late model vehicle that is nearly new can make that vehicle a very smart purchase as it often has low miles, and can offer years of continued reliability.

If, for example, the vehicle suffers cosmetic damage, such as side panels, hood, or trunk, it can be expensive to fix and could even be considered a total loss.  Such vehicles can be an attractive option to purchase as a salvage vehicle since the engine and other important parts are often in the same condition as they were prior to the cosmetic damage.

The most important factors to consider when thinking of a prospective purchase of a “salvage” vehicle are:

– What elements of the vehicle were damaged enough to cause it to be labeled a total loss?
– Are those elements critical to the performance of the car?
– Are the costs of repair within my budget and worth the effort?

So, before you pass up a “salvage” vehicle at Executive Auto Body, you may want to take into consideration that it just may be a fantastic purchase!  Salvaged vehicles from Executive Auto Body are returned to their factory specifications before being offered for sale, are tested meticulously, and quality of repairs match or exceed OEM specs.  Plus, you can often find a reliable vehicle with low miles, numerous add-ons, and lifetime warranties on the installed parts.

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